In Sri Lanka

Sue started helping communities in Sri Lanka after the devestation of the Boxing Day 2004 Tsunami wiped out vast communities on the East and Southern coasts of the small nation.

Sri Lanka Appeal for Bruno – January 2005 – December 2006

Sue mobilised and managed the collection and shipping of 75 boxes of aid for Tsunami victims in Sri Lanka.

Working with a local tour leader in Sri Lanka and a priest in the north-eastern town of Trincomalee, Sue made two trips to tsunami ravaged regions. She visited refugee camps, assessed needs and returned a second time to collect the goods that had been shipped and distribute them to people living in the camps and community.

Sue’s efforts raised approx $50,000 worth of goods andmobilised support from over 150 donors and supporters.

For a further 18 months or so, Sue continued to assist the community in Trincomalee by raising funds and providing assistance with living and education. Over the short period of time, Sue also raised raised and distributed over $4000 to the community in Trincomalee.


Some of the projects included:

  • Sri Lanka Appeal for Bruno – Jan- May 2005
  • Tsunami Relief Collection – Jan – March 2005
  • Trip 1 to Sri Lanka – Visiting Tsunami and War effected Trincomalee -March 2005
  • Trip 2 to Sri Lanka – Distributing your aid to refugees -May 2005
  • St Joseph’s College hostel rennovations
  • Sri Lanka Christmas holiday 2005
  • cosmetics and sewing collection
  • Paying the wages for 4 tutors for 1 year so that children learn for free
  • Contributions to Easter for the elders, the girls and the boys
  • Art lessons and a fun day with Sue
  • Purchase of 10 fans for the orphanage
  • Milk for refugee babies in Sri Lanka

Continuation of support and social ventures

  • Hudson Musty and friends raise $300 for Sri Lankan Kids – April 2006
  • JBS LIU Computers – a computer store named after Sue – October 2007

March 2013

Sue will be writing a book about her Sri Lankan adventures. She will travel back to Sri Lanka in July 2013 – and hopes to have her book ready for publication in 2015

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