Values and philosophy

Zulu’s values and philosophy

  • Work FOR profit and share as much as possible with communities you care about.
  • Invest back into communities by supporting education, health, training, life and culture.
  • Create opportunities for engagement, participation and sharing with communities in need.
  • Build networks with like-minded people and businesses who take action on their desire to contribute by doing.

Ready and seeking to share ?

If the causes and communities we care about resonate with you, I’ll help you create the right opportunities to share your spirit, energy, compassion, time, friendship, money, experience and good fortune.

I support action and contribution

  • Being capable and enabled.
  • Being self-sufficient, self-reliant, independent and responsible.
  • Recognition, that there is a cost involved in what we do. Its an investment of creativity, energy and skill.
  • Working for profit, which is reward for hard work, creativity, resilience and diligence. YES – let’s go out there to MAKE money and be successful!
  • Sharing your success and profit when you’ve ensured that you have taken care of yourself and are secure. Then share what you can with others!
  • A refocus on appropriate quality and value – whether that be in material items or in the way we experience and exchange with each other.
  • Authenticity, transparency, honesty and integrity – that is at the heart of your values (if they are your values).
  • Practice giving, participation and contribution. Try giving. DO something. Be part of something. Take some kind of action.
  • Going beyond the dollar value. There are exchanges we are making on many levels that lead to benefits beyond the dollar.

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