Candles for Community 2016 is now over.

C4C 2016


I have packed up the candle workshop now that the last candles for Christmas have been made.  Candles for Community  for 2016  is now OVER.


THANK YOU  TO OUR SUPPORTERS. Funds raised from Candles for Community and Accidental Aid Worker were contributed to projects that help children and young people in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Cambodia.

The future of Candles for Community will be considered in the coming year. A limited range may be offered throughout the year and corporate orders may  be considered Please contact Sue  for more information. 

To purchase copies of Accidental Aid Worker – please visit our shop at

Ready to make your candles and gifts for a final Christmas 2016




Buy signed copies of the new edition cover of Accidental Aid Worker and pair it with beautiful candles and cards for the perfect Christmas gift. Send directly to your friends around Australia or overseas! Visit the shop for more details and to order

Candle making schedule:

  • Commencement: 1 November 2016
  • Last orders: COB 9 December 2016
  • Last dispatch: 15 December 2016 (via Australia Post)

Freshly made candles will be dispatched  3-5 days after your order and payment is received. 3.5% will be added to your total for credit card transactions.

Who are we supporting in 2016

Funds raised from Candles for Community 2016 and Accidental Aid Worker 2016 will be contributed to projects that help children and young people in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Cambodia.

Celebrating the first year as an author and publisher


launchIMG_08731 November 2015 – a year ago today, I launched my first born book, Accidental Aid Worker, at my home, with friends. What a year it has been!

These past 12 months, I have committed myself to getting me and my story out to the world. Being self published, self employed (and not earning as a consultant), a solo woman and without a team or support. I have invested as much as I can of myself to this enormous, complex and worthy story. YES, I believe my story, experiences and messages are worthy and of value to humanity. I believe that they are important, have integrity, heart and are worthy of sharing in this way.

It has not been easy. Far, far from easy.

There have been many dips in the road and shitty happenings along the way. This has been a cleanser of a year. I have done what I wanted to do – make changes that stick. I have really sorted out where I am and who I’m with in the world moving forward. I have FOUND my voice, gained clarity and made a new commitment to my values, hold those values dear, and with absolute integrity.

To explore what it means to write and publish – I sacrificed a lot too, investing creativity, effort, drive, money and energy to:

WAS THE EFFORT WORTH IT? Will I continue to write and publish and where to from here?

One step at a time, and only time will tell. My most urgent need is to get back to the work that earns me a living as a business, marketing and communications consultant – the Chiefette of Zulu Communications and start the final season for Candles for Community – Christmas 2016 Campaign. 

Accidental Aid Worker has been a blessing in my life and I hope it will continue to be embraced, educate, inspire, amuse and give people pause to consider “who am I, where am I going and what can I do?”

batch_aaw3-book-quotes-squareThis is a real and raw story about taking on life with the spirit of adventure, striving to maintain integrity in the face of loss and adversity and the power of connection and community.


When you purchase your copy of Accidental Aid Worker directly from me, you’ll receive a personalised, signed copy of the 3rd reprint edition of Accidental Aid Worker that features Tom Keneally and Professor Dame Marie Bashir’s comments on the cover. It comes with a complimentary gift card, bookmark and numbered puzzle token. $5 will be donated to a community project. 

Purchase online here at the shop

To those who have read my story: Thank you for taking the time to read, for prioritising this in your busy lives. It means a hell of a lot to me. Thank you to so many of you who have stood close and not let me fall, particularly in these last 12 months since making my life so public. It’s a test of your character as well, to stand in the eye of the storm with me. I celebrate you – and your courage to do so.

Praise for Sue, her book and work by Australia’s finest

A few months shy of celebrating the 1st birthday of the release of my book, Accidental Aid Worker, was another occasion to celebrate. Legendary Australian author, Tom Keneally, and celebrated community advocate and former NSW Governor General, Professor Dame Marie Bashir both provided heartfelt words for me about my precious book. These worlds grace the cover of  the new edition of Accidental Aid Worker, which is now at 3rd reprint.

Professor Bashir kindly launched the edition at an author talk at Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts on 20 September, 2016.  In the company of a community of supporters and  70 keen readers, she spoke about her own experiences in Cambodia, and the power of connection and community, before providing her reflections about my story.

You can watch the video of Professor Bashir launching my book here.

Part of my brain doesn’t compute that this happened. I’m thankful for the photographic evidence and that their words are immortalised in ink on my new cover. As you can see above, Tom also signed my copy of my book.