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Get creative with your email address

JUNE 2008

Larger businesses often have to have these lengthy protocols because they have so many employees to differentiate – but we don’t have to being small businesses!

Here’s a few tips about getting a bit more creative and simplifying your email addresses.


Here are some of the popular general email addresses. There is NOTHING wrong with having these general email addresses – but in my opinion – they’re a bit boring, passive and BEIGE.

Depending on the type of business you operate or services you provide – you could make your email address a bit more descriptive and dynamic by having an email address like:


Having your name in your email address is a great way to introduce yourself to people and get them used to you – the person@the business. Your name in your email will:

Simple and straight forward is the best – and easier to remember!

The above options are certainly better than ISP and freemail accounts like:

What do you think?

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