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Case study: Mercy Foundation – A helping hand to modernise and refresh

Originally I was asked to work with the wonderful people at the Mercy Foundation as in addition to my brand management responsibilities with St Vincents & Mater Health Sydney.

The Mercy Foundation asked me to write and redesign a series of leaflets – and start to develop a brand identity that was appropriate to their supporter base and that would help them appeal to a wider market.

They really needed modernisation – and professional help to keep develop a style and maintain consistency.

We have over the years, redeveloped their business resources such as stationery and also – the big undertaking of redeveloping and redesigning their Mercy Foundation website.

Working with the Executive team over a period of 3 months, I restructured, rewrote, redesigned and managed the production of the Mercy Foundation’s clean, fresh, colourful and professional website.

Design expertise and guidance leads to the right look

We now have professional well designed stationery thanks to Sue's design expertise and ability to assist us in identifying the 'look' we wanted. We also have a redesigned webite that is attractive, informative and meets our needs - again thanks to Sue's guidance and expertise. - Helen Kearins, Mercy Foundation

Mercy Foundation
Mercy Foundation

Case study: NCS Holdings Ltd – Repositioning the business starts with culture and leadership

The work achieved for Papua New Guinea Landowner company NCS by Zulu Communications is a career highlight for Sue Liu. On commencing with the company in June 2008, she was not to know that this would be the beginning of an intense journey to reposition and rebrand the company, achieving unprecedented recognition and success for consolidating and raising the profile of a proud and powerful brand. During the initial audit and evaluation conducted for NCS, one of the key strategic goals identified was to position NCS as a leader in the industry to enable the company to be a contender for multi-million dollar contracts in catering and services management of LNG projects in PNG.

With its existing brand, NCS would be battling the perception and seed of doubt sown by international competitors that PNG owned companies were not capable or professional enough to bid for such significant work. Sue discovered that in fact, NCS was indeed already leading the industry in PNG with service provision to the key mining developers and government institutions. The organisation’s brand and internal and external communications were in need of a major overhaul, as well as redefining the key messages and methods of communication.

Sue’s goal was to reflect back to the key stakeholders of the company, its people and communities, the nature and scope of their daily work and how truly successful they ARE at “Meeting the Challenge – Every Day” – in servicing the needs of their customers. This created a great sense of ownership, pride and celebration in the company within its own ranks- and the development of an authentic recognition and respect for the achievements of one of PNG’s most successful landowner companies.

Leadership, quality and committment from Sue

NCS was seeking assistance to rebrand and re position the company in order to win new business especially from the multi-national developers moving into PNG. Step 1 was a research and evaluation stage which ensured that any action we took had clarity and alignment with the NCS Vision. In a short space of time, Sue set about completing an achievable, detailed action plan to meet our short and long term objectives focusing on communications, marketing and strategic management.

This resulted in the creation of a new logo and brand identity and complete re-launch of our brand within 4 months. This was also done in tandem with the complete redevelopment and technical upgrade of the NCS website to a professional standard. Over the following 3 years, Zulu continued to ensure we maintained focused on building our brand internally, working closely with the executive and operational teams around PNG.

Zulu redeveloped and created new marketing and advertising collateral, managed numerous campaigns including; new uniforms, merchandise, staff handbook, staff recognition and reward program and introduced a long overdue healthy lifestyle program for use by all our staff and customers. One of the key achievements was the redevelopment of your company newsletter, GADONA which underwent a revitalization to reflect our brand and delivered a consistent message to multiple NCS stakeholders. Sue produced 10 issues of Gadona, liaising with our staff and managers from 23 sites in PNG and always achieveing the publication deadline.

Sue represented our company at industry events, had input into business development, which ultimately resulted in the formation of a new joint venture business, The Alliance Group, servicing the PNG LNG pipeline for Exxon Mobil. This would not have been achieved but for Sue’s tenacity, her attention to detail and responsiveness, all of which reflect her professional commitment and focus on her client’s needs. Coupled with an effervescent approach to her work, it enabled NCS to achieve the goals it had set itself – recognition as PNG’s premier service company and winning business in the largest resource project ever undertaken in Papua New Guinea.

If you are seeking results with nothing less than a proactive professional, then look no further than Zulu Communications – you will not be disappointed. Marcus Gosling, Executive Director, NCS Holdings Limited

Solutions from outside the box

Zulu Communications continues to be integral in directing NCS toward achieving the world class recognition it deserves.

NCS pursues excellence at every level of our business. Sue has been able to create and manage the image of excellence we seek in the workplace and our industry, with a focused Marketing plan that requires “thinking out of the box”. The results she achieves exceeded our expectations considerably.

We are proud of the NCS brand that represents us as a professional, world class provider in a dynamic global industry to our clients, potential clients, suppliers and staff. John Honan, General Manager, NCS Lihir Limited

A pro-active supplier who follows up everything to its conclusion

'Sue is an absolute professional in her field. Jobs are completed on time and to your specifications. No stones are left unturned to get the job done. Not only is she competent, professional but also a pleasure to work with. Being in supply chain, it makes my job so much easier when your supplier is so pro-active and follows up everything to its conclusion. I have no reservations in recommending her business to others.' - Corey Polume, Supply Chain Manager, NCS Holdings Limited

Professional, enthusiastic service

Sue was retained by NCS as a Business, Marketing and Communications consultant for 3.5 years working primarily in marketing orientated roles. This started with the rebranding of the company in 2008. She always provided a professional service, was enthusiastic and ensured timely delivery of her services. In particular her editting, production and management of the company quarterly newsletter was a highlight. Paul Boland, Commercial Business Manager, NCS Holdings Limited

NCS Holdings Limited

Case study: The Alliance Group – the jewel in the crown for the PNG LNG pipeline

The company is a partnership or alliance between NCS Holdings Limited and GCC Services – to provide Catering and services to LNG projects in Papua New Guinea. Before the company was a formally established entity, Sue was involved with the formation of the business partnership on behalf of her client NCS – who was seeking to form an alliance with a Kuwait based GCC Services – to tender for the multiple large scale projects in PNG – specifically LNG projects.

Sue worked as part of the team of 5 to lead the all critical strategic positioning and marketing of the new entity – under intense pressure and exceptionally short time frames.

The ultimate success for The Alliance Group is the winning the major contract for the LNG Project with Chiyoda – for Exxon Mobil. The company was formally established in October 2009. Sue continued to drive and deliver the brand and communications for a further 2 years after securing the contract.

Expert, on time, creative!

Sue undertook marketing and rebranding work for one of our subsidiaries (NCS) and one of our large J/V companies. It's fair to say that her work has been highly professional - Gadona (a company newsletter) is widely recognised throughout PNG and remains one of the key marketing platforms for NCS, the largest hospitality company in PNG. Sue was also instrumental in the rebranding of NCS and the key positioning of the company to take on hospitality for the massive LNG project in PNG. Sue also worked closely with management including organising and facilitating 4 of NCS' annual conferences. In a nutshell Sue is professional and is very good at what she does. - Colin Vale, Executive Director, Anitua Ltd

Colin Vale

Case Study: Aspire Australia -A new identity to INSPIRE those who Aspire to live in Australia

Sarah Gillis is a lawyer who specialises in Visa and Migration services. Sarah had been trading under her own name and felt that after 5 years in business, it was time to develop an identity for her business that could be more powerful and communicative to her target market.

Our process included the very important notion of renaming the business appropriately and developing a logo and identity that would be clean, clear and energised without being cliched.

Strategic planning leads to impressive new brand and marketing campaigns

Aspire Australia logo by ZuluBefore starting the re-branding process with Zulu, I only had the notion that I wanted to - needed to - make a change, but had no idea how to proceed.

Sue Liu of Zulu Communications put together a structure for the process and we worked, together, on each step, one by one. These steps were in manageable, and comprehensible, stages. Sue's research and brainstorming led us to coming up with a name that resonated with my vision for the business and the design team came up with some innovative and eye catching options for our visual branding.

Our business has undergone a major transformation which has given management and staff a boost, has evoked compliments from our clients and impressed many potential clients. Sarah Gills, Aspire Australia

Sarah Gillis
Aspire Australia

Case Study: Integral Security Management – More than just alarms – the re brand of The Alarm Factory

For over 20 years, Bankstown based security company, The Alarm Factory had developed a recognisable and respected brand. In 2002, CEO David East decided to take advantage of moving to new premises to redevelop the identity of his business.

We started this process with an Audit, Evaluation and Recommendations process – to take stock of the company’s history, business development goals and to develop a strategy to rebrand the business and to communicate this change to his loyal customers.

A critical aspect of the strategy was to ensure that the new business name captured the scope of services provided by the company and to enable expansion and introduction of new services in the future. We came up with the name INTEGRAL SECURITY MANAGEMENT or ISM, and a fresh colour scheme that maintained its solid foundations by keeping close to “Alarm Factory blue”

We were given a short time frame of 2 months to develop the strategy and design the new logo and to work within ISM’s administrative structure to ensure that signage, stationery, and other key marketing communications resources could be introduced seamlessly into the company’s relocation plans and existing administration systems.

Our campaign plan for a strategic facelift a success!

Integral Security Management logo by ZuluThe Alarm Factory needed to re-brand as our security services had expanded well beyond providing just alarm systems. I worked directly with Sue who took our wishes into account, planned our marketing and the communications strategy to our customers made the whole process very easy for us.

First we worked together to select a new trading name - Integral Security Management - and then we worked on designing our new logo. Sue and her graphic designer presented a number of logo designs and one really stood out!

Within a couple of weeks, we had our new trading name, our logo and Sue helped us write and implement our communication campaign introducing customers to our new logo and trading name.

Our customers have warmed to our new trading name and our distinctive logo will carry us well into the 21st Century - thanks to Zulu Communications. The whole process was professionally managed and very relaxed at the same time. If we had to do it again, I would not change a thing. David East, CEO, Integral Security Management

David East
Integral Security Management

Case Study: Jill Henderson – How do I structure and explain what I do?

Jill Henderson had completed a number of renovations and was focused on developing a business concept that would combine her experience and knowledge of managing residential renovations.

One of the biggest challenges Jill had was translating her notions for her business idea and services into WORD – and produce a flyer that would communicate her service offering to potential clients.

After a brief discussion about the concept for her business, which led to further issues about how to run the business as a consultancy, Zulu wrote and designed an A5 flyer – which has been a success for Jill as she begins to promote her new business and services.

Notions and ideas into words and tangible tools

My quandary was how to get myself started coordinating renovations projects, making suggestions, introducing trusted tradesmen and materials, being the Renovator's Right Hand Woman!! How could I promote and inform clients about the wide variety of services and skills I have to offer in a concise professional brochure, without sounding too self promoting. The answer was meeting Sue Liu, discussing and melding ideas and voila "I'm on my way" with my great brochure written, designed and printed by Zulu. Jill Henderson, Renovator's Right Hand Woman

Jill Henderson
Rennovator's right hand woman

Case Study: Accelerated Healing -The importance of the ICON to the individual

When we commenced work – we started with a broad communication and marketing plan to ensure that everything we produced was well considered and appropriate. She was aiming to adopt a variety of community-based marketing activities to build up awareness of her new brand and services.

Lydia had notions of design elements that were of significance to her- she just didn’t know how to express it -to create a brief for the designer. She was very sure about what she wanted – but NOT UNTIL she saw it in front of her!!

In the planning process, we had identified requirements for applying the logo that had to be considered – and I was the project manager working on Lydia’s behalf with the designer – taking the AGONY out of that communication process for both parties.

We also worked quite intensely on Lydia’s copywriting – to structure and her services and offerings – and to ensure that the terminology and concepts we developed to describe her work appropriate to her marketing and consistently applied to her other marketing materials.

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