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THE LAST CHRISTMAS for Candles for Community

Candles 2016 Postcard FINAL-01

Christmas 2016 will be the last season for Candles for Community. What started in 2008 as a little hobby on the side, to help with awareness and fundraising has lasted for 8 years over Christmas seasons.

Over the years, I have made, gifted, sold, wrapped, packed, dispatched hundreds of candles – from my kitchen in the early days – and now in my garage/ workshop. I know that people have loved what these candles have represented, the spirit of community and giving back.

Modest amounts have been raised and donated over the years to organisations like Handup Congo, Bruno’s Community, and for many years – Sunrise Children’s Villages in Cambodia has benefited with thousands of dollars in donations. This year, the focus will still be on community projects very close to my heart and soul.

The recipient project will be announced in November – the official launch of the Candles for Community 2016 campaign. 

You can order candles and books at anytime – here at our shop.

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