Candles and books – giving back to Sydney’s homeless and disadvantaged

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People often ask me, why the hell I bother with all this community work and fundraising – tiring myself out and getting stressed out in the three months to the end of the year. BECAUSE – this is the time of year that people spend, spend, spend on Christmas, Christmas, Christmas – and it’s the time that I can use my commercial powers for good to help people in need.

It’s my fourth year as a volunteer with Gethsemane Community. I usually make 3 large, industrial sized tubs of salad for Christmas Day lunch – that takes me most of Christmas eve. On Christmas Day, I pitch up at 9:30 to help with set up and then we serve 70-80 people a terrific lunch with all the trimmings! Watch this video – it’s REAL life for many people and this is how I’ll be spending  the donations raised this Christmas.

THE CHRISTMAS PROJECT from Sirin Productions on Vimeo.

Please consider buying my book and my candles and gifts for Christmas gifts – because it’s the way I raise awareness of issues, and funds to support people in my community. Get your orders in for Accidental Aid Worker – because $5 from every book – I’m donating to charity.

In December, I’ll be helping Sr Myree and Vic by packing my car with hampers to deliver to boarding houses and also doing my usual volunteering on Christmas Day – to help really vulnerable people. If you can’t be involved on the day – I understand – but please help me help THESE intellectually disabled and homeless people who are supported by a few dedicated people have a good day.

Please share this post with your friends, co-workers and communities – people who love to read and buy candles and gifts for people they love. It will help me help others. WE need your support. Last orders are 14 December.