Raising funds and awareness for communities since 2008

Candles for Community – making candles and fundraising for communities since 2008

Candles for community created by Sue Liu as a side project to Zulu Communications work in 2008. She was exploring innovative ways to raise awareness and money for causes and communities that were close to her heart.  Over the years, Candles for Community has become a key focus for Sue and Zulu’s Community as a fundraising campaign at Christmas, which has raised many thousands of dollars from 2009 to 2014 for Sunrise Children’s Village, supporting children in Cambodia.

Raising funds and awareness for communities and projects.

In the first few years or running Candles for Community, the donation component from the sale price was $1-3 dollars and despite decent sales, very modest sums were raised.  In 2012 Candles for Community shop went online, the range of products tripled and the donation component was increased to between $1.50 – $6.50 according to different kinds of candle products.  We also pledge  20% of profit from the products for sale including our unique range of artists cards and Sue’s memoir, Accidental Aid Worker. 

 $8,000 donations from Candles for Community sales from 2008- 2014 has been donated to communities. 

  • 2008 – modest beginnings with $250 donated to Hand-up Congo
  • 2009 – $500 donated to Hand-up Congo and $500 to Sunrise Children’s Villages
  • 2010 – $300 to Sunrise Children’s Villages
  • 2012 – New brand, new range and an online shop launched. $1,300 from candle sales combined with $6,500 from events donations, book and dvd sales, donations and sponsorships – a total of over $8,000* donated to Sunrise Children’s Villages.
  • 2013 – $3,000 from candles combined with funds from events resulted in a total of $7,500* to be donated to Sunrise Children’s Villages
  • 2014 – $2,500 from candles was share between Sri Lanka and Cambodia. $500 was donated to Bruno’s Community in Sri Lanka and $2,000 to Sunrise Children’s Villages.
    * includes events, sponsorships and donations = $16,550 

A recipient has yet to be announced for the 2015 campaign. 

Please contact Sue or call (02) 8084 0220 if you have any questions about Candles for Community and the communities we support.