Hands-on, heartfelt business, marketing and communications


Hands-on, heart-felt communications to connect with your communities

Zulu works with you to understand the complex cultural environments and communities in your business. By working on your business, marketing and communications strategies with Zulu, you will gain clarity, direction and control and connect at a deeper level with your communities.

Creative marketing, communications and engagement campaigns aligned to your organisation and culture

Business, communications strategies and campaigns must align with your vision and culture. Sue works with business leaders and leaders in business who appreciate the value of working with a professional with experience across a diverse range of industries, complex cultures and cross cultural contexts.

Sue can provide that big picture insight, practical strategies and deliver solutions for business through, marketing, public relations and production disciplines. She will work with you and your team to design and deliver really unique campaigns and events that will be aligned to the heart and soul of your business, which is your connection with people inside and out of your organisation.

Engaging your diverse communities

The diverse range of people and stakeholder groups who are important to your business – inside and out require different strategies, methods and ways to connect and engage. There must though, be a common thread and consistent message that will enable greater connection with these groups of communities with eachother and your business.

You communities include: Customers, clients, employees, shareholders, Board members, executives, remote and divisionsal clusters, ethnic and cultural groups, suppliers, associates, partnership organisations and the wider community.

Working with you and your team

Sue will work directly with you and your team to implement your campaigns and provide accurate brief, processes and clear communication to achieve your organisations objectives.

Expertise, service and delivery

Business, marketing and communications strategy

Create and define a practical understanding of the challenges, objectives and opportunities of the business. Sue’s incisiveness and ability evaluate and feed back to an organisation with simple and practical strategies is the key to achieving objectives, capitalising on opportunities and conceptualising creative campaigns.

Business evaluation, strategy and planning

Brand, marketing and communications planning and management

Social responsibility campaigns/ cause related marketing 

Good for the soul of your brand, your business and your people

Zulu Communications wants to help businesses be good corporate citizens and Zulu certainly encourages businesses to integrate an element of helping and building communities to the values and operations of their business. For many business leaders, it’s not the concept of CSR they struggle with, it’s actually making it happen and sustaining interest and activity!

Production and supply

Event & function management

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