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Social responsiblity and cause related marketing

Make social responsibility part of your business

Zulu Communications wants to help individuals and businesses be good corporate citizens and is prepared to lead the way by making it the heart and soul of our businesses.

Zulu helps businesses in practical ways to integrate socially responsible values, actions and activities that benefit communities in need, into the culture and campaign strategies of organisations.

Good for the soul of your brand, business, people – and our communities!

I don’t have to spell out the benefits of giving into your business and life. The benefits include more heart-felt engagement for those who participate, ability to communicate to your communities about “doing good works” and of course, giving to people and communities in need.

For many business leaders, it’s not the concept of socially focused campaigns that they struggle with, it’s finding the right inspired person to take control of the challenge, develop relevant, engaging campaigns, inspire, motivate and engage their people and deliver a memorable experience.

Zulu can create and manage your campaigns , making it fun, easy, meaningful, relevant to your people.

Be part of Zulu’s Community or create your own!

Zulu’s Community has supported communities in countries including Cambodia, Sri Lanka and in Australia. Sue encourages participation from her clients and donates a percentage of Zulu’s profits to charities every year. If the causes and communities that Zulu’s Community supports resonate with you, we certainly embrace your spirit, energy, compassion, time, friendship, money, experience and participation.

If you want to a customised program that has specific relevance to your business we can sure help to choose a great community to support, and develop amazing experiences for your people.

Consideration for effective, socially focused campaign development:

Here are some ideas to ponder when considering your campaign needs:

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